A Great Book For Spiritworkers – “The Ghost And Mrs. Muir”

While the 1947 movie is a classic, here are a few reasons I prefer the original book "The Ghost And Mrs. Muir" by Josephine Leslie (R.A. Dick) written in 1945. To my mind, this is a must-read for certain types of spiritworkers. One of the first things to love about this book is that it … Continue reading A Great Book For Spiritworkers – “The Ghost And Mrs. Muir”

Energy Updates And Thoughts On “The Light”

This post is especially "woo." I think it is worth sharing some impressions of recent energy changes, from the view of a Polytheist and mystic. You'll find these discussions more often in New Age circles, but their assumptions are often rooted entirely in Monism or Monotheism. This may seem counter to all sense looking at … Continue reading Energy Updates And Thoughts On “The Light”

Forseti’s Ring And A Bad Night At The Police Station

Like many souls lately, I find that silence has grown very toxic. A dripping-acid cloak that must be flung off. This is my story about a bad night at the police station. I used to work as an entry-level judicial officer. Not a full judge, but I was the person the public would often see … Continue reading Forseti’s Ring And A Bad Night At The Police Station

Infinite Diversity In Infinite Combinations

If you are a Trekkie, this phrase is instantly recognizable. To me, it represents a great strength of Polytheism and also a vision that humanity worldwide will hopefully embrace more and more. On the Polytheist side: with many Gods (indeed, an infinite diversity of Them) we have a freedom to celebrate the Other, and Others. … Continue reading Infinite Diversity In Infinite Combinations

Sacred Celibacy

If there were ever a topic I am qualified to write about, it is this one: sacred celibacy in a Polytheist context. Autumn will mark nine years on this path for me. I first encountered the idea of sacred celibacy almost exactly twenty years ago, at a Beltane festival in the countryside outside Richmond, Virginia. … Continue reading Sacred Celibacy

Exhaustion Accompanies Ongoing Uncertainty

I'm seeing repeated mentions of this topic on other sites, and it's also been something on my mind lately. Even as some places start to open up and travel is a bit less restricted, I find myself hit with bouts of pure, bone-deep exhaustion. In truth, though, this sort of exhaustion is not exactly new … Continue reading Exhaustion Accompanies Ongoing Uncertainty

When I Told A Goddess “No” (The Goddess Hel)

Here is another story. This one is about a time when I told a Goddess "no"... as opposed to the other way around, as in the previous post. A number of years ago, it became abundantly clear that I would have to move out of the condo I was renting. The place had much to … Continue reading When I Told A Goddess “No” (The Goddess Hel)

When A Goddess Told Me “No” (Frau Holle)

I love stories of how we interact with our Deities in modern times. Here is one about a time when a Goddess told me "no." After my Dad passed away, I discovered a cache of family documents buried under piles of clutter in a dark basement crawlspace under the stairs. My father had indicated something … Continue reading When A Goddess Told Me “No” (Frau Holle)