The Frisian Well Of Urd?

When you think of the Well of Urd (Urðarbrunnr) with its two swans and three Norns, the holy place where the Gods hold court each day... you probably don't immediately think "Frisian." I didn't either until reading Poetry and Law In Germanic Myth by Stephen P. Schwartz. It's a small paperback from 1973, one I … Continue reading The Frisian Well Of Urd?

The God Cernunnos And The Autumn Equinox

I keep a shrine to the God Cernunnos in an outdoor shed, with the screened window left open throughout the year for fresh air. It faces the trees in the backyard and has a thriving butterfly bush growing nearby. I tend to only use this shrine twice a year, on the Equinoxes. Since the actual … Continue reading The God Cernunnos And The Autumn Equinox

Short Update: September Energy Changes

A brief post, but maybe you too have felt the energetic changes in the air? I had a very bad day September 9th, with old feelings of unworthiness and combativeness coming up for me. Apparently, I was not alone in that, according to some "New Age" sites that I keep an eye on, as--alas--they are … Continue reading Short Update: September Energy Changes

Goddess Gerd Walled Garden Update

Gerd helped me pick out the plant for Freyr to go in Her walled garden. It is a Fire Chief Arborvitae, a subtle evergreen that has golden-red tips certain times of the year. I saw another shrub that was more flashy, but that did not appeal to Her so much. Here is Her completed garden, … Continue reading Goddess Gerd Walled Garden Update

Njord As A Psychopomp And A God Of Holy Islands

This post will be a mix of personal inspiration (gnosis/UPG) and mysticism interwoven with tidbits of more "academic" information that I have picked up over my many years honoring Deities with North Sea connections. I'll give advance warning: if you are looking for a nice scholarly discussion of Njord, set your sails elsewhere. You're definitely … Continue reading Njord As A Psychopomp And A God Of Holy Islands

A Few Personal Experiences With Djehuty (Thoth)

I mostly write about Norse and Germanic Deities, but today seems like a good day to share some personal experiences with Djehuty, the Egyptian God also known as Thoth. Please note that I am not Kemetic, but more a general devotional Polytheist. I was introduced to Djehuty through my main God, Norse Forseti. Both have … Continue reading A Few Personal Experiences With Djehuty (Thoth)

The Goddess Gerd’s Walled Garden

This is a project that is still in progress, as is the nature of gardens. I had an odd feeling at the beginning of 2020--before Corona/Covid-19 entered our lives--that this year would be the "year of the garden." That sense was combined with an instinct that I would not be traveling much this year: no … Continue reading The Goddess Gerd’s Walled Garden

How I Became A Polytheist

Polytheism is so much a part of who I am now that it is hard to remember a time when I did not believe in individual Gods and Goddesses, when I wrote Them off as impossibilities or as lesser archetypes not truly deserving of worship. Still, I will do my best to describe a profound … Continue reading How I Became A Polytheist

Physically (?) Seeing Energies And Auras

Recently the beautiful Bealtaine Cottage blog shared some pictures of energies being visible in the physical world, towards the bottom of the post. A materialist would say "lens flares," but I am not a materialist and--photography aside--seeing energies in the "physical" is something that I have experienced. It started about 17 years or so ago, … Continue reading Physically (?) Seeing Energies And Auras

Woodburning of The God Forseti

This is a Forseti woodburning I made four years ago. The scenery is inspired by pictures of Thingvellir. His name is a heiti for "hawk" in Old Norse, so one is included. The whalebone rune-staff, based on a find from Jirnsum in the Netherlands, is dated to the 8th century and is thought to have … Continue reading Woodburning of The God Forseti