Physically (?) Seeing Energies And Auras

Recently the beautiful Bealtaine Cottage blog shared some pictures of energies being visible in the physical world, towards the bottom of the post. A materialist would say “lens flares,” but I am not a materialist and–photography aside–seeing energies in the “physical” is something that I have experienced.

It started about 17 years or so ago, when I was steadily crossing a bridge between Atheist-who-enjoys-Pagan-ascetics to Panentheist who believes in things like energy. I could draw up a bit of energy in my hands and sometimes “see” what looked like concentrated, elastic denseness or colorless sparks around my hands. It was easiest to see the denser energy when pointing my fingers at each other and creating arches between them.

That was pretty much it for a long while. Around 2016, Forseti decided to do a bit of mental rewiring. That was when I got a limited ability to see energy in colors. I write “limited” because this sort of sight remains very hit or miss. For the most part, I can’t just look at you and tell you what your aura looks like. A part of me feels like that would be a violation of privacy anyways, especially if I had not been invited to take a gaze. I mean, come on, I find it unnatural to make much in the way of eye contact with passing strangers. Much less search around for anything else. Others’ mileage may vary, of course.

Seeing auric energy colors started off with flowers. I had several different kinds of petunias on my front porch, and noticed that the petals now had a glow around them: usually blueish-purple or sometimes bright blue. I could also see a thin line of electric bright blue around my own skin. This is one of the most common colors I see. It is a comparable color to the brilliant electric blue of Federation starship lights in Star Trek. I’ve also seen that sort of energy on “inanimate” objects and surfaces. One of the more startling incidents was in West Virginia, spotting a stone glowing bright blue as we flew past in a car. Apparently, the stone marked an old well and a snake had once been killed at the site.

Over time, I’ve learned how to see my own aura to some degree. The trick is usually to look in a mirror, out of the corner of my eyes, with certain lighting. Some sunlight is good, but too much light can be an impediment. I have a lot of purple in my aura most of the time, and the energy makes it look like my hair has been dyed purple. Facing down towards the Earth, my aura is yellow. Sometimes blues, pale-white-lilac, or turquoise are also visible.

I’ve read that purple is supposed to indicate spirituality and that yellow is for crafting or intellectual pursuits. Maybe that is why those two colors are dominate. Or maybe not. The “reasons” could be something else entirely.

John Beckett once wrote about seeing a glowing green bird. I’ll wisely step back and leave to him to determine what he was seeing. The description, however, reminded me of one of my own experiences. I’ve seen vibrant green light on a bird, specifically a young heron. It was a very beautiful verdant color, mostly concentrated around its chest. On the same walk, I also saw an older heron glowing blue-purple, again, specifically around its chest. In my own case, I do assume I was seeing the birds’ auras. That was nonetheless an exceptional occasion. I love watching birds in general. Usually they look quite non-glowy.

Finally, there’s another sort of energy I’ve been able to see for a long time, even before Forseti did whatever it was He did to help my brain process these colors. Sometimes, especially under trees, I’ll see a sort of dense, falling static or drizzle even when the weather is perfectly clear. This might be prana, according to some of what I’ve read. Sometimes is swirls. To my sight, it is colorless.

I am also very curious about others’ experiences seeing energies. Please feel free to comment (note: they are moderated!) if you wish.

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